Real-Time Fitness Coaching App

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VAY Understands Your Movement

After you positioned your smartphone with the camera facing toward you it analyzes your movements and guides you with live audio coaching through your training.

Mistake Detection

Our algorithm creates a computer model of your body to detect wrong executions. This drastically reduces the risk of injury and increases the effectiveness.

Exercise Tracking

With VAY you can track your fitness exercises without manual input and see detailed statistics about your improvement over time.

Real-Time Audio Feedback

VAY not only tells you what you’re doing wrong, it also knows exactly when it’s time to motivate you.

The Tool To Reach Your Goals

Highly customized body-weight training plans

The Technology

Computer vision, expert knowledge and algorithms

Motion Capture

Our App instantly creates a computer model of the human body to read out joint angles and limb positions.

Activity Recognition

The algorithm was developed with certified fitness coaches to recognize the optimal exercise execution.

Meet The Team

Alexander Pfyffer | CEO

After tearing his cruciate ligament Alex tried to find a way to reduce the risk of injury in sports. Has a Master in Business Administration and Computer Science at UZH.

Joel Roos | CTO

Professional Volleyball Player, representing the Swiss national team. Joel has a master in robotics and is responsible for the technology.

Caspar Leuzinger | CMO

Red belt in taekwon-do and responsible for marketing and communications. Currently studying Business Administration at UZH.

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VAY is creating the next generation of fitness apps utilizing Artificial Intelligence to create an experience which conventional apps can't provide. Based in Switzerland, Zurich we are at the hub for innovation.
It all began when Alex tried to find a way to reduce the risk of injury in the fitness domain after he tore his cruciate ligament. Fitness is a sport that needs to be learned like any else - however, most people can’t afford a professional fitness coach. With Joel and Caspar, Alex found two passionate co-founders that shared his vision to develop affordable sports technologies that improve people’s life’s. In collaboration with the University of Zürich they created a technology for safe and highly effective training - VAY was born.